Tracking Key Records With the Help of Key Tracking Software

Key tracking software, also known as Keylogger, is a tool that acts like a spy, a monitoring device or a tracking mechanism which helps in the monitoring of keys. As the name suggests, it records all the keys that are inserted into the computer. Thus, you can monitor what activities your employees are doing from time to time. In addition, this tool is also useful to you as well.

It helps you keep a track record of the keys and their users, the way they are entering and exiting the office and so on. This key tracking software is usually installed on a computer or a laptop. It is a little difficult to install, but once you have it working, you will be able to monitor all the activities of the users and the ones who enter the office premises.

A key tracking software works in the capacity of recording all the keys that are inserted into the system of the computer. These are the keys that are used to enter and exit the office premises. There are generally two kinds of keys. One is the user keys that are used by the employees and the other is the external keys that are driven through the office doors. These are the keys that are recorded and kept in the system from this link.

There are some options that are provided by the key tracking software. You may either choose to view the keys on a map, or on a chart that shows all the locations of the keys. In addition, you may choose to get the key tracker connected to a special device such as a card reader or an identity tag. With this, you will be able to determine whether the user actually uses the key or not. You will also get to know if the person who is trying to enter the office has a valid pass or not.

Some key tracking software packages have also integrated the biometric systems. These are systems that incorporate voice recognition technology. With this kind of technology, it is possible to capture the fingerprint of an authorized user and use this information in determining whether they are the right people who should be allowed entrance to a particular building. The systems of key tracking software also have the ability to track facial characteristics such as the eyes, the mouth and even the hands. Through this method, you will be able to determine if a person is telling the truth when he says that he is not going to steal the property of others. Need facts? see more here!

The key tracking software also has the ability to analyze the voice patterns of the authorized users. When this is done, you can determine if they really intended to do the deed that they are accused of doing. Apart from all these, the key tracking software also has the ability to keep track of the locations of all keys that have been given out. This way, it becomes easier to locate an employee who has misused a key. You can also make use of the system to prevent employees from stealing from you by keeping a record of the keys that have been given out. Read more topics at

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